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San Felipe

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Tejo courts

Tejo courts

Our tejo courts are ideal for friends groups playing for fun, specially for those doing it for the first time.

With a mini-tejo distance in our courts, everyone has the chance to blow mecha, celebrate, and enjoy a unique experience. The Tejo La Embajada team will be on hand to teach you how to play tejo, the scoring, and the best tips to make the most of your game.

Our tejo courts are made of clay – we never use plasticine – to ensure an authentic  game experience.

At Tejo La Embajada you would find:

7 tejo lines
Each line has two clay courts, one on each side
8 meters distance (mini-tejo), with different throwing distances according to each person’s level
Security fences which separate the gaming zones


Inspired in the traditional game called Rana, bolirana is the best complement to tejo. It’s a target game that involves throwing small spheres onto a surface with holes. Depending on where the sphere lands, points are awarded.

Boliranas at Tejo La Embajada are digital, which makes it easy for everyone to track the game’s progress.



Playing tejo is more fun with a drink in hand.  That is why at Tejo La Embajada you will find our bar with the best selection of local craft beers, traditional colombian liquors, world-known brands and a signature cocktail menu that explores the country’s regions

Our team has extensive experience in the world of beer and mixology, and they will be delighted to offer recommendations.

You can find in our bar:

Local craft beer. Enjoy a variety of beers, from those brewed at our brewery Non Grata, to seasonal guest brands.
Liquor variety. Starting with aguardiente, the quintessential colombian liquor, you can also choose from rum, mezcal, viche and whiskey, among others.
Signature cocktails. Our cocktail menu focuses on highlighting local ingredients and combining them with Colombian liquors.


Tejo is a group activity, eating at Tejo La Embajada is also. Try our delicious sharing platters, order our homemade lechona cooked in craft beer or choose between our vegetarian or vegan options. Everyone eats here.

Our cuisine draws inspiration from traditional Colombian dishes to create new ways of tasting the country’s flavors.

Our recommendations:

If you are coming in a group, the sharing platters are the best way please everyone.
Our morcilla croquettes, introduced in 2019 when we first opened, are a customer favorite.
The lechona, which has been featured in some gastronomic sections of newspapers, is cooked with craft beer. A unique experience.


If there is tejo there is party. On Friday and Saturday nights you will find the best of Bogota’s party with our resident DJ. Focused on cross-over music, the party at our tejo becomes unforgettable.

Tejo reservations before 11:00 PM do not pay a cover charge


Located on the thrid floor of Tejo La Embajada, the rooftop is a unique space. It features a retractable roof that adds a special touch to the tejo game, and it also has its own bathroom and table area.

It can be exclusively reserved for groups of up to 20 people. Due to the sound isolation of the space, it can have its own music. Some reservations request one of our resident DJs for this type of booking.

It is the ideal space for groups of friends and private celebrations, as well as visits from artists or diplomatic ambassadors.